Blended Portfolios - include both actively managed and passive funds

Blended Portfolios - include both actively managed and passive funds

Include both actively managed and passive funds

Our investment team have created a range of 'blended' model portfolios, each with a different investment strategy and related risk and return profile.

Blended models include both actively managed and passive funds. Active funds have a manager to actively manage a portfolio of investments. They rely on analytical research, forecasts and their own judgement to make investment decisions. 

The investment service will focus on risk management and wealth preservation. We believe that actively managed funds offer better risk management properties than passive funds. However, we will select a passive fund if we do not feel there is a compelling case to use an active manager. Passive funds will also reduce the overall cost of your portfolio.  Passive funds are also known as index funds as they mirror a market index such as the FTSE100. More information on our Beta range of model portfolios, which invest primarily in passively managed funds, can be found here. 

Your adviser will talk with you to define your financial aims and your attitude to investing. From this, they'll determine your risk appetite for our discretionary service. As part of this process, your adviser will complete a risk tolerance questionnaire and also assess your capacity for investment loss. This will help you and your adviser decide on the most appropriate portfolio.

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