With LIFT-Invest you can invest in three types of portfolios:

Blended - which are a mixture of actively managed and passive funds.

Beta - which use purely passive funds ie those which track markets and are not actively managed.

Sustainable - including both actively managed and passive funds.

Asset Allocation

We use a top-down approach to construct these portfolios using funds from a range of asset classes e.g. US Equity, Fixed Interest, Property. The asset allocation of our portfolios is calculated using the Efficient Frontier Theory. This Nobel prize-winning theory basically says that for each level of risk, there is always an optimal asset allocation which will achieve the best possible returns.

Following the asset allocation, we select the underlying funds for each portfolio.  Our investment service focuses on risk management and wealth preservation. Cost is one of the only certainties when building a portfolio and whilst we do always consider cost when selecting active funds, passive funds help us to reduce the overall cost of investing. Once your appetite to risk has been agreed with your adviser, and you have completed the relevant documentation, we will assign you to the appropriate portfolio.


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