A market leading service from the LIFT-Financial family. 

LIFT-Invest plc is a discretionary management firm from the team behind LIFT-Financial, the award-winning Chartered Financial Planners. The demand from LIFT-Financial clients to have a discretionary investment service was the catalyst to launch LIFT-Invest in May 2017 by its founders, Joel Adams and Mike Holden and already has over £400 million in assets under management.

The investment committee has been managing advised portfolios since 2012 on behalf of LIFT-Financial clients. The discretionary offering at LIFT-Invest, therefore, builds upon the knowledge and expertise already in place at LIFT and provides an additional investment option for new and existing clients. The same high LIFT standards form the backbone of the service - clear and fair charges, a highly qualified team and a thorough, transparent and professional approach.

This natural development of our service gives clients greater choice surrounding the type of investment solution they can have at LIFT. If they decide to, clients can delegate the management of their investments to our team. Discretionary portfolio management can speed up the investment process, cut down paperwork and facilitate operational synergies within your portfolio.

The discretionary management which LIFT-Invest offers is supported by a team of experienced, qualified investment professionals who place client outcome at the forefront of their thinking. The research supporting the proposition is conducted internally where our skilled investment team make use of a variety of research and analytical tools at their disposal.

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