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Our model portfolios are designed with different investment aims in mind. We assess them regularly to check they continue to fit those aims and are re-balanced where needed.

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Every quarter we provide a review of what's current in the investment market.

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30th September 2022

Given how the markets have reacted and the news surrounding the UK economy over the last few days, Dan has decided to share another update to provide a message of reassurance and share his insight and thoughts about the current key market topics.

21st September 2022

Dan Thompson provides his monthly investment update and comments on the recent changes within the market following a month filled with breaking news.

19th August 2022

Dan Thompson, Portfolio Manager at LIFT-Invest and special guest Stuart Niman, Investment Consultant will be answering frequent questions from our clients and also providing a commentary on current events within the market.

28th July 2022

Dan Thompson Portfolio Manager provides an update on recent events and the impact they are having on the investment market.

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Quarterly Market Commentary; April - June 2022

As has been the case for the vast majority of 2022, the news over the second quarter has been dominated by headlines about inflation and the cost of living crisis...

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The downfall of the Boris Johnson government

The last few days have been some of the most turbulent and chaotic in recent British political history and have included the downfall of the Boris Johnson government. Dan Thompson, Portfolio Manager provides his insight. 

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Quarterly Market Commentary; January - March 2022

The first quarter of 2022 saw both stock and bond markets endure a turbulent period against a troubling geo-political and economic backdrop. The ever-higher inflation prints across much of the developed world would have been difficult enough for market participants to navigate – however, in combination with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, this has resulted in some extremely volatile sessions.

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